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When I decided that my website needed an overhaul I wasn’t entirely sure where to begin. I’m not massively IT literate or confident in this area and so had already delayed updating the site. I didn’t want to put it in the hand of just anyone as my site is very much part of my brand so felt I needed a connection to whoever was going to be involved in it too.

I’ve known Katie for a while – we are both equine photographers and so our paths have crossed in this way a fair bit. However it became very clear when talking to her about the sites she manages that she would have the experience and ability to easily make the platform changes I wanted. Not only this she had a real vision in how to make the site work visually too.

The whole process was incredibly simple. Many solid suggestions with the initial theme and everything was running well within the original deadline we aimed for. Even when it was clear that a change of host would be beneficial Katie stepped in and sorted all aspects efficiently.

Katie has always been on hand to help me with my training in WordPress and when I’ve got myself in a muddle or wanted to add a new feature she has clearly and effectively provided stage by stage steps. I’ve gained a website I really love that I now find quite straight forward to manage on a daily basis. If you are looking for a new website then I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Katie Mortimore first.

Rachel, Sweet-Images
Katie has helped me several times now over the last 7 years with both logo design and website design & development. She has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient and made the mystery that is website design to me relatively straightforward!